Handmade Horsehair Products


Our all natural handmade horsehair belts are the perfect match for any western attire and are available in men's and women's widths. Be sure to check out our selection of beautiful handmade horsehair hatbands and horsehair bracelets. They match beautifully to our belts.

We sell two types of horsehair belts. Hitched and Braided

"Hitching" with horsehair involves making stitches similar to half-hitch knots in a concentric arrangement on a wooden or wire dowel. This technique is the method for making the exciting geometric designs. The larger tubes are flattened, hand tooled leather billets are added, and a distinctive "Hitched" belt is created.

Braided horsehair belts are made by braiding the hair into groups of eight to form "square braids." The color and combination of the braids are used to form the basic design and pattern for the belts. Lastly, the square braids are hand-stitched together completing the desired pattern in the hair blank, a process that requires hours of work. At this point, the belt is formed by cutting the hair blank to size, skiving, gluing and sewing the hair blank into a hand-trimmed leather end and buckle.


In stock sale priced horsehair beltsBraided horsehair hatbands.BRaided horsehair bracelets.