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Round Bale Net by Texas Haynet

This slow feed hay net is perfect for round bales and large square bales.

The Texas Haynet Round Bale Net helps prevent colic, founder, and ulcers by slowing down consumption to a natural pace. Regulating hay in take helps improve digestion, calms aggressive behavior, reduces herd stress, alleviates boredom and unwanted stable vices, prevents serious health problems caused by overeating and burrowing into the center of the bale.

With the Texas Haynet Round Bale Net, horses are no longer allowed to engorge themselves and frivolously waste expensive hay. At 8lbs, the net is lightweight and easy to install - no heavy equipment required.


  • Reduces hay waste from 60% to less than 10%
  • Fits 4x4'-6x6' round bales and 3x3x9'-4x4x8' square bales
  • 1.75" holes
  • UV treated nylon mesh
  • 27' draw string included
  • 8lbs
  • 90 day money back guarantee (shipping not refundable)
  • Not recommended for horned animals
  • No hay ring necessary, but is recommended to keep animals off the net
  • No heavy equipment or bale rolling required to install
  • Life expectancy: 2-4years depending on climate, herd behaviors, and frequency of use
  • Made in the USA!

Item Number: TXHNRB1

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Price: $179.95