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Lost Herd Ranch Blankets

THE LOST HERD RANCH Collection. These beautiful saddleblankets are hand-woven by our master weaver, Christina Bergh, using 100% pure hand-dyed wool.

All of these blankets are in stock and ready to ship, without waiting for a custom blanket to be woven. They are identical in quality to our custom saddleblankets, made with the same hand-dyed wool and woven by hand by Christina.

Each blanket can be customized to add size, additional colors or wear leather specifications. Customized blankets requre 6-8 week for delivery.


Double Fold Saddle Blanket

Pure Wool Double Fold Saddle Blanket . 

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High Desert Bloom

Handwoven Santa Fe Saddle Blanket

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Thin Mint Saddle Blanket

Thin Mint Pattern

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Turquoise Diamond Saddle Blanket

Turquoise Diamond Pattern woven in Santa Fe. Wear leathers optional @$35.00

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[ 4 ] Items