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Tack : Texas Haynet

The Texas Haynet is a slow feeder hay net that mimics natural grazing and allows the animal to digest and absorb more nutrients as nature intended.

Horses have small stomachs designed to take in small amounts of food over a long period of time.  Typically, horses spend 18-20 hours a day grazing and consuming 1-1.4lbs of forage an hour.  They can consume up to 25lbs of forage in a 24 hour period.  Because the stomach empties frequently, the animal can only digest so much and must eliminate the excess.  Therefore, unlimited access to forage does not provide the animal with additional nutrients or health benefits.  In fact, unrestricted feeding often causes harm to the horse's sensitive digestive system.

When horses engorge themselves by eating unrestricted amounts of hay, serious health problems can occur.  Insulin, ph, and bacteria levels become unbalanced.  Excessive gas can build in the hind gut leading to chronic diarrhea or worse, colic.  By slowing down consumption to a natural rate,  owners can avoid many of these painful, costly, and sometimes fatal equine aliments.

Horses will spend hours eating at round bale urinating and defecating in place.  This creates the build up mud that can contain thrush causing bacteria and provides a perfect breeding ground for flies and other stable pests.  With our round bale hay net, horses leave the bale more frequently to engage in other herd activities such as playing, grooming, sleeping ect.  This decreases the incidents of thrush and discourages fly breeding.  By spending less time at the bale, dominant more aggressive horses allow the rest of the herd to eat peacefully.

Texas Haynets are Proudly Made in Texas!


Round Bale Net by Texas Haynet

Slow-feed netting for round hay bales.

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Square Bale Net by Texas Haynet

Slow-feed netting for square hay bales.

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