Wear Leathers


We can add wear leathers to any saddle blanket we weave. Choose from plain or beautiful tooled leather designs.

Tooled wear leathers for saddle blankets

Our tooled wear leathers are available in Floral, Oak Leaf, and Basketweave patterns. These are made as a three piece design, as shown in the photo above. Conchos are optional. These are shown prior to dyeing and oiling; yours will be a deeper brown.

Tooled wear leathers are $40. Conchos are extra, and prices depend on the concho style. Please call for pricing.


Saddle blanket with brown basketweave tooled wear leathers and silver conchos.

Here is a completed saddle blanket with basketweave tooled wear leathers, with optional conchos. This is the actual color of the finished leathers.


Plain brown wear leathers

Plain black wear leathers

Plain wear leathers are available in brown or black, in three sizes:

10 inch: $15
18 inch: $20
24 inch: $24


Saddle blanket with plain brown wear leathers