Our Weaving Process


Christina Bergh Woolley weaves on her computer controlled Jaquard loom.

Tina B. Woolley's private two-story studio is a state-of-the-art weaving showcase. In it are three CAD -- Computer Aided Design --- looms (one of which is a Jacquard loom) for specialty blankets displaying the customer's brand, initials and sometimes even western scenes or a favorite horse's name; a tapestry loom, a rug loom and two fabric looms.

a reel of yarn on Christina Bergh Woolleys big Jacquard loom


We begin the weaving process by dyeing our yarns- either merino wool or Mohair in large vats in our Santa Fe studio - the colors take a few days to prepare with unlimited choices in color. Meanwhile, the loom is threaded and the warp tied in preparation of our projects. When the yarn has dried we wind the skeins onto shuttles and or onto cones. Some of our natural colors are so beautiful that we do not dye them but merely wash the yarn in mild soapy water and hang outside to dry.

yarn hanging to dry outside the studio

The selection of looms - from tapestry to rug jacquard weaving - provide us with a full scale workshop adaptable to any rug/tapestry related project. We have at this time the only rug weaving jacquard loom in the country, it has enormous capabilities in design and color placement. The designs can include landscape, floral abstract , geometric and equine imagery. A certificate of authenticity and craftsmanship accompanies each project.

a custom saddleblanket with the owner's name woven into it is in progress on one of Christina Bergh Woolleys computer controlled Jacquard looms

Yarn being dyed in The Brown Cow studio

All of Tina's textile material is hand dyed. Some of the dyes are derived, on site, from native Southwestern natural plants in her garden between the riding arena and her studio. When the enormous vats of soaking wool are removed from the industrial stove in the studio and the dye pots are drained, the soaking wet wool is hung outdoors to dry. These dripping skeins of freshly-dyed wool must be hung high enough to be beyond reach of Tina's five dogs: an English bulldog, a German dachshund, two Queensland heelers, and a Jack Russell. The dyes not derived from local native plants, e.g., yucca plants, are created from the finest wool dyes available in the trade to assure as closely as possible saddle blankets which are the color and hue needed for each custom order.


spools of colored yarn and threads in the brown cow saddle blanket studio


Typically, Tina's customers range from trail or pleasure riders, to horse trainers, some ranchers, and many participants in the sports of cutting, dressage, reining, western pleasure, barrel racing, and even polo. Each customer's needs and wishes are first discussed with Tina, much like one would review plans with an architect until a personalized, custom design is agreed upon. This can take one phone call or an exchange of email and correspondence spanning several weeks.

Give us a call if you have some project that has been buzzing around your mind and we will help you make it a masterpiece!

The weaving studio at the Brown Cow Saddle Blanket Company


One of Christina Bergh Woolleys looms.